GV Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Powerhead

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GV Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Powerhead Description

Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Electric Powerhead features chevron bristle configuration that maximizes the brush roller’s effectiveness and thus ensures deep cleaning. It has wide cleaning channels that help users clean the edges and baseboards effectively. Its side mounted belt is enclosed and protects it from collected debris. EBK 360 has rubber strip and rubber wheels that make it easier to use not only on carpets, but also on bare floors. It has a 5-position carpet height adjustment which makes it functional for a wide variety of carpet styles. It has locking neck with a release pedal for quick release of wands and a telescopic wand with cord management which saves time while attaching the hose to the wands. EBK 360 features solid state circuit breaker which protects the motor and increases the motor life. Due to air flow control squeegee, it could be used for cleaning hard surfaces. It is convenient to operate and switch on/off due to locking neck assembly. It has brighter and long LED headlight which uses little energy. Features: Reinforced cogged belt lasts longer 4 Soft rubber wheels won’t mar bare floors Solid state circuit breaker protects the motor Air-flow control squeegee for hard surface use Extra-large intake orifice means less, or no, clogging Locking neck assembly for convenient on/off function LED headlight burns brighter and longer with less energy Locking neck with release pedal for quick release of wands 5-Step height adjustment for use on a wide variety of carpet styles Chevron bristle configuration maximizes brush roller effectiveness Large edge cleaning channels to clean closer to edges and baseboards Enclosed side mounted belt so your belt is protected from debris you pick up Telescopic wand with cord management saves time attaching the hose to the wands Part #: WWEBK360QDC-WD

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